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Supercharge Your Digital Transformation.

Building digital platforms for faster delivery and real time insights.

Techies at the Core

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» Cloud Consulting & Monitoring
» Cloud Migration & Strategies
» Cloud Security Posture
» Cloud Cost Optimization
» AWS, Azure
» App Engine & GCP

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Cloud Enablement

Setup a hybrid cloud management system to achieve redundancy and high availability coupled with cost optimization.

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» Data Storage Management
» Big Data Processing
» Machine Learning
» Artificial Intelligence
» Robotic Process Automation
» Video Analytics

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AI & Machine Learning

Applying next-gen analytical techniques with industry-best visualization tools, we can help decipher your complex data.

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» DevOps, Microservice Architecture
» Cybersecuirty & Digital Marketing

» Frontend Monitoring, UX/UI Design
» QA Automation
» Performance Monitoring
» Product Information Management

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End to End

We Build & maintain high-performance applications with efficiency, be it developing a new application or modernizing legacy systems.

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» Salesforce
» Oracle HCM
» G Suite
» SharePoint
» ServiceNow
» Microsoft Solutions

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Accelerate enterprise cloud adoption by implementing appropriate SaaS solutions and enable you to become agile and responsive.

We’ll help you choose technologies, setup the right architecture, and leverage emerging tools and trends, all the while keeping the product vision intact.

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» IOS & Android
» Swift
» Flutter
» Ionic
» React Native
» Xamarin

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Mobiles and Wearables

Our cross-platform mobility solutions enable enterprises to reach customers anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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» Cloud-Native Apps
» Mobility
» Web Frontends/Development
» Blockchain & Internet of Things
» eCommerce Sites & Portals
» Chatbots, RTLS

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Our digital transformation service focuses on improving business outcomes through the adoption of emerging technology.


Change is inevitable. Transformation is a choice.

Our IT Solutions redefine the Ordinary. We are Cloud Native and Platform Engineering Company Solving Complex Problems with Technology. By Aligning Strategy and Execution, We Help Clients for Cloud Native transformation, Scale with flexibility and creating Digital customer experience.

We Speak Your Language

What everyone’s saying

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“Qualient has continuously demonstrated a high level of expertise and a willingness to go beyond what is necessary to ensure the project is a success. They have a very hands on approach towards problem solving. Working with their team has opened up our business to new possibilities & has removed the main barrier to growth. I can trust them to do their best and get a successful outcome.

David Crowder

Head of Big Data Solutions Manufacturing & Water Utility

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Our Experience of working with Qualient has been very good and the technical expertise the company brings onboard complimented our exiting team. The management of the development process of our technical solutions was very collaborative in terms of requirements specification, solution brainstorming and efficient in delivering the technical end products.

Geoffrey Broune

Director of Product Management Healthcare

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Qualient has demonstrated an ability to produce a highly specialized application in a timely manner. I would appreciate the team for their flexibility, ability to adapt to new unaccounted challenges, expertise and client first attitude. Their commitment to quality solution delivery and proactive approach in problem solving is a key strength that built trust, not just with me but my business partners too.

Brian Henry

CEO & Founder | Cashless Payment Solution

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I highly rate Qualient. They are an integral part of our Cloud platform engineering team who not only provide us with agility, stability and quality tech capabilities but also bring product centric thinking which is very essential in managing the dynamic digital space. The quality and experience of the team affords us the flexibility to focus on our core job.

Neil McCarthy

Senior Director - Strategic Projects | eCommerce


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